Consultative Briefing 
on the Knowledge Aware approach

During the 60-minute consultation, a lead Knowledge Aware consultant will show you everything you need to know about the Knowledge Aware approach, such as: how it works, how other organizations use it, and the opportunities it has for your organization.  Your team will learn whether the Knowledge Aware approach is right for your organization and gain a better understanding on how your organizational knowledge can be more effectively captured and reused.


Consultations are customized around your need or use of the Knowledge Aware approach. No prior training or knowledge is required.


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You're in good hands

From many years of guiding organizations on the Knowledge Aware approach, our consultants carry the highest level of technical expertise to help your organization discover the best approach to capture, share, and reuse knowledge.

The Knowledge Aware Approach is Different

The Knowledge Aware approach is a coherent and comprehensive enterprise-level Knowledge Management strategy and technique. Unlike traditional knowledge management solutions, the Knowledge Aware approach captures and validates knowledge, breaks it down into digestible bite-sized pieces of knowledge, and delivers it to employees and teams as they work when they need it. Instead of searching for information, employees encounter reusable knowledge directly within the flow of work. A few benefits include:

  • Elimination of recurring mistakes
  • Preservation and sharing of knowledge
  • Improvement in workforce efficiency
  • Reduction in undesirable project variation
  • Reduction in the enterprise IT footprint


"The way to organize information and ‘Pull’ it / ‘Push’ it to use it effectively is by far the best concept I’ve seen in the knowledge management world."

"Assessments’ and ‘feedback loops’ between a specific project’s data and the core knowledge set is a brilliant concept and very valuable."

Consultative Briefings provided by
Auros Knowledge Systems

Auros is the leading developer of next generation knowledge based solutions

We are committed to long-term customer success and provide best-in-class technology and services. Our team has a passion for the Knowledge Aware approach, which has proven itself to be transformative to its early adopters. We have developed a unique, organic method for on-boarding our customers; allowing them to start small and accelerate their demand-driven growth. For more information about Auros, visit AurosKS.com.