5 Signs You Need Knowledge Aware Engineering

5 Signs You Need Knowledge Aware Engineering

Knowledge Aware Engineering is a new approach being used to manage technical knowledge. It replaces the traditional ‘reference shelf’ model with an integrated, active knowledge system that directly influences technical decision-making and analysis. Maybe you said to yourself, “we already have something like this,” or “we do a good job documenting and sharing knowledge already”. Although you may have a process or software to help with that, how do you know if it’s the best strategy to efficiently and effectively manage knowledge? We invite you to download the ‘5 Signs You Need Knowledge Aware Engineering’ infographic to take the test, to see if Knowledge Aware Engineering is the best strategy for your company.

The ‘5 Signs You Need Knowledge Aware Engineering’ infographic is a simple way to pinpoint some of the difficulties your company faces within it’s current processes or software, and learn exactly how your company can benefit from a Knowledge Aware Engineering strategy.


5 Signs You Need Knowledge Aware Engineering

About Auros Knowledge Systems

Our mission is to help organizations create intelligent technical memory by enabling continuous learning and effortless recall.

Auros is the leading enterprise solution for a fundamentally new approach to managing technical know-how called ‘Knowledge Aware Engineering.’ Auros has its roots in engineering, but its ability to take on some of the most complex, high stakes knowledge management challenges in the highly interconnected world of advanced manufacturing, makes it a flexible and robust solution for many knowledge-intense endeavors.


  • We use a lot of different software, but Auros is one that is actually valuable.”
  • “One stop shop for what Engineers need to know to do their job.”
  • “Auros demonstrated a clear time and efficiency advantage over the existing web repository process.”
  • “I can’t imagine how we used to get the job done. Auros allows us to do so much more.”