Top Uses for Knowledge Aware Engineering

Top Uses for Knowledge Aware Engineering

Most of the time, corporations implement Knowledge Aware Engineering for a few of these major reasons: to eliminate recurring mistakes, to preserve and share knowledge, to improve engineering efficiency, to reduce undesirable engineering variation, and/or to reduce the enterprise IT footprint. However, we have learned that users often find other unique ways to utilize Knowledge Aware Engineering, beyond the original intended use. Knowledge Aware Engineering is a powerful technique, that can provide value to your entire organization. Learn about the other uses organizations use Knowledge Aware Engineering for in the ‘Top Uses for Knowledge Aware Engineering’ guide!


Top Uses for Knowledge Aware Engineering

About Auros Knowledge Systems

At Auros Knowledge Systems, our vision is to transform the way knowledge is captured, shared, and reused.

Auros is the leading enterprise solution for a fundamentally new approach to managing technical know-how called ‘Knowledge Aware.’ Auros has its roots in engineering, but its ability to take on some of the most complex, high stakes knowledge management challenges in the highly interconnected world of advanced manufacturing, makes it a flexible and robust solution for many knowledge-intense endeavors.


  • We use a lot of different software, but Auros is one that is actually valuable.”
  • “One stop shop for what Engineers need to know to do their job.”
  • “Auros demonstrated a clear time and efficiency advantage over the existing web repository process.”
  • “I can’t imagine how we used to get the job done. Auros allows us to do so much more.”